Buying and selling property is the biggest financial decision that most people will make in their lifetime.

We are invested in your transaction and will ensure that your interests are protected, whether you are the vendor or purchaser.

We give thorough advice and take all steps necessary to ensure a smooth journey from the signing of the contract through to settlement. This enables you to have peace of mind with no hassle.

Our Conveyancing Services Include:

Advising you in relation to the vendor’s disclosure obligations

Preparing contracts for sale or purchase of land

Arranging for property searches and certificates

Co-ordinating with your lender and sending any required documents to it

Attending to the steps required on the PEXA workspace

Arranging settlement with all parties

Preparing a Section 32 Vendor Statement

Reviewing the contract and Section 32 statement before signing

Preparing a caveat to protect your interest in the property

Completing the Duties Online documents

Preparing an adjustment of the rates on the property between you and the other party

Notifying the statutory authorities of the change in ownership of the property

Footner Wren Legal - acting on the rights and needs of our clients to achieve the best results possible.

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